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PTZ Cameras, Controllers and Systems:

For the more demanding home or business security camera system owner, PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras and systems are a great choice. Aside from the basic elements of a security camera system, you also get the ability to tell your PTZ camera where you want it to move. PTZ cameras and systems are available in many different varieties and styles. Our PTZ cameras range from mini 4" dome cameras all the way up to robotic looking C3P0 inspired Infrared PTZ cameras with IR Nightvision.

   Our PTZ systems and packages include a selection of mini PTZ Dome cameras with our Standalone DVRs or PC Based DVR Cards. These PTZ DVR Camera Systems provide you with just about everything you need to record and control your new PTZ cameras. These systems even allow control of your cameras over the internet from a PC, Laptop, iPhone, Android Phone, BlackBerry PDA Phone and more.